Not At Fault

Had an accident and not your fault? You may be entitled to FREE car hire! Talk to one of our specialists.

Exercising Your Options and Rights Making a Third Party Claim

J&M Smash Repairs are committed to first class quality service and repairs of the highest standard at all times.

If you are not at fault and the other person has the capacity to pay or is insured, not making a claim on your own policy delivers a number of positives to you.

  • You are the one that has the control over the repairs and instruct us to authorize your repairs after the vehicle has been independently assessed and not by an insurance company staff Assessor.

  • You are not limited to rigid terms of a policy and your obligation is substantially only to ensure that you are not excessive with your demands and that your losses are reasonable and legal speak “migrated”

  • J&M Smash Repairs as your repairer will not be pressured by an insurance assessor to use non-genuine parts, exchange headlamps or exchange bumpers (parts that may have been in somebody else’s accident.

  • The independent Assessor’s obligations are to ensure that repairs are carried for a reasonable cost and the assessor’s role is not limited to an agenda of cost cutting, but to ensure your vehicle is returned to its pre- accident condition.

  • You will be invariably entitled to hire an alternative vehicle similar to your own during the course of repairs, if the period of rental is again kept reasonable.

  • Where appropriate offer you a guarantee that it will be at no cost to you.

If you want your car returned to its pre-accident condition without compromise and the use of a hire car, J&M Smash Repairs can and want to assist.